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Delivering Variety. Creating Unique Spaces.





We're of sound body and mind! We're proud of our teams and we motivate them to go on and achieve further success!

Since the very beginning, all of our business activities have been focused on constant development. The proof of this can be found in our history. Within 22 years we have evolved from a small family company into the 4th biggest office furniture manufacturer in Europe. People are our most precious capital. Their personal development and well-being are extremely important to us. That is why, we support all initiatives that aim at bringing our employees together. When the initiatives concern sport, our support is even greater.



Thank you for visiting us at Designblok 2014!

One of the main characteristics of the Designblok festival in Prague is that its creators go to great lengths to put on the show in different and exciting venues every year. This year during Prague Design and Fashion Week the show was hosted by the Grand Hotel Europa in Waclaw Square and the Hra Superstudio located on Mikulandska St. These venues paid homage to Prague’s old town and historic architecture and was reflected by the name: Superstudio Europa. Because of the media publicity surrounding the show the Grand Hotel Europe the building was given a new lease of life and an investor decided to restore it after being unused for years.

Orgatec 2012: Expect the unexpected